Our Services

For us, surgery is just one of the tools we use to help take care of our patients. Surgical Specialists of North Jersey takes pride in our relationships with our patients. We educate, counsel and provide guidance to our patients, when they are facing some of life's most difficult challenges.

Cancer Services:

  •     Breast Cancer (*Breast Exams offered)
  •     Colon Cancer
  •     Rectal Cancer
  •     Skin Cancer
  •     Stomach Cancer
  •     Thyroid Cancer

General Surgery:

  •     Abscess
  •     Anal Fistula
  •     Colostomy Reversal
  •     Hemorrhoids
  •     Pilonidal Cyst
  •     Removal of foreign body skin mass
  •     Thyroid Nodules

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery:

  •     Abdominal/Ventral Hernia
  •     Colon masses
  •     Diverticular Disease
  •     Gallbadder Disease
  •     Gallstone Disease
  •     Incisional Hernia
  •     Inguinal Hernia
  •     Intestinal Ulcer
  •     Scrotal Hernia
  •     Spigelian Hernia
  •     Strictures (intestinal/colon)
  •     Umbilical Hernia
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